General Terms and Conditions for the redemption of vouchers for film

I. General:

1. We only deliver your orders for protective films based on the following General Terms of Trade and Delivery. We expressly reject the Business and Purchasing Conditions of the purchaser. We are only committed to these when we expressly declare to be in agreement with them, in written form.
2. Data about our goods (technical data, dimensions et al.) are only estimated and approximate; they are not a guarantee of appearance, unless the guarantee is given expressly in written form.

II. Delivery time:

1. The films are produced related to the contract and in the sequence of receiving the orders. Due to fluctuations in the receipt of orders, the delivery time can, in the most unfortunate cases, be up to 10 working days. All information about delivery times is not binding.
2. Unforeseen events beyond our control (e.g. delays in the delivery of essential components, import difficulties, operating malfunctions and traffic delays, strike, force majeure) appropriately extend the delivery time.

III. Dispatch and transfer of risk:

1. Dispatch of the protective films is ex works, or distribution warehouse, by letter post uninsured as a goods consignment.
2. Dispatch is carried out to the best of our knowledge and without recourse of any liability for the transportation. In particular, we are not attributable for changes and deterioration of the goods during transportation or due to incorrect storage.
3. The risk is transferred to the purchaser as soon as the goods leave our factory, or the distribution warehouse.

IV. Return or exchange due to defects:

1. The quality of our products is very important. However, if defective or mismatched film be delivered, we request that you contact us per E-Mail or by telephone before returning the package.